To display MSAS Grids on AWIPS, select the MSAS menu from the D2D Local Pull-down Menu (Local -> LAPS/MSAS Analyses -> MSAS), and select the grids to be displayed.

The MSAS Pull-down Menu also provides the ability to display the observations used in each MSAS analysis. These displays consist of color-coded observation plots. Sampling on any observation gives the station ID associated with the observation. Observations ingested by MSAS, but not used due to QC failures, are distinctly colored. Sampling on these observations invokes the display of a small QC table indicating which QC checks have failed. The observation either failed (F) the automated checks, or was labeled bad (B) through the subjective intervention procedures. Blanks in the table indicate that the associated QC check was either passed, or not applied. See documentation on the AWIPS QCMS (Chapter 10 of the AWIPS Users Manual) for more information on the QC procedures. For more information on MSAS, see section of the Manual.

MSAS grids are also displayable through the AWIPS Volume Browser.